Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic products

Our factories have been designed with the pharmaceutical market in mind. All the production processes are performed inside a clean room, with ventilation systems equipped with H13-type absolute filters, to ensure the complete absence of external contaminants. We make all kind of flexible materials need to pack Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Hygienic, Cosmetic and Dietetic products.

Heatsealable Aluminum for Blisters / Paper, Aluminum and Polyethylene complex for monodose sachets of powder or granulate products / Polyester or Paper complex with Aluminium and Polyethylene for cream and liquids sachets / ​Aluminium and Polyethylene complex for suppositories and clinical packs / Sterilizable films

Mass consumption products

For the Food and Mass consumption industry we make on request the following materials.

Monofilm (Pastry, Promotional Strips and Multipacks: Polypropylene / Coated Paper / 2 Layers complex (Meat and Cheese, Snacks, Rice and Pasta, Air fresheners, Chocolate): Polyester/Polyamide + Polyethylene / Polypropylene + Polypropylene / Polypropylene + Polyethylene with barrier / Paper + Polyethylene /Polypropylene / 3 Layers complex (Tea and Confectionary, Coffee, Ingredients, Pet food): Paper + Aluminium + Polyethylene / Polyester + Aluminium + Polyethylene / Polyester + Polyester Metallized + Polyethylene / 4 Layers complex (skin cream samples, magazine samples, sterilizables): Polyester + Aluminium + Polyester + Polyethylene.